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Beautiful Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

For people who love sodas and other soft drinks, it is no secret that plastic bottles are more lightweight and convenient than glass bottles, and  even young children can carry them around without the threat of shattering. But these bottles  are also one of the main reasons our landfills are overflowing and its packaging and other materials may even pose a danger to wildlife in some instances. It seems that more and more people are devising ingenious ways of reusing plastic bottles and other “garbage”. Here are a few creative and inspirational ways of reusing plastic bottles that I think you will love 🙂

This is honestly one of the cutest ideas for recycling bottles that I’ve ever seen! This little bowling set for kids is just one of the wonderful craft ideas from

Sumo wrestler bottles

From, comes this beautiful idea for creating a garden in a small or awkward space. Take a look:

Vertical GardenStaircase vertical garden

Drawing vertical gardenplastic bottle closeup vertical garden

From, comes this very cool idea for holding jewelry or anything else you can dream up:

                      plastic bottle jewelry holder       soda bottle jewelry holder

From comes a classy idea that is sure to make you wonder “why didn’t I think of this?”

bottle vases

We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to turn old or unused items into glorious new products. More to come!

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