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Zoetik: Eco-friendly Accessories From Our Shop

meditation in tree watermark

On January 1st of this year, we unveiled our brand new entirely handcrafted jewelry line which we created using sustainable, recycled and upcycled products. Many of our accessories include nuts, seeds and shells from all over the world such as African Raffia Palm nuts, Brazilian Acai seeds, Panamanian Tagua nuts, Caribbean Coconut and African cowry shells, and sea glass and shells from various seashores.

wisdom in tree watermark

We love creating our jewelry with lots of color, texture and movement while keeping the natural “feel” of our pieces intact. We are working to expand the line into hammered copper and silver, and always looking for other natural elements from the earth to add to future collections.

Zoetik promo shirtWe are really looking forward to our Men’s t-shirt line coming in February that has created quite a buzz already. We are already receiving orders on our African Pride t-shirt that was featured as a sneak peek on our Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/zoetikmovement). These beautiful shirts will be created from hemp, bamboo and organic cotton, and will include positive uplifting images about culture, unity, and spirituality.

And one of the most important aspects of our business, is that we stress the importance of giving to others. A portion of every sale goes to a different charity each month, and we feature these charities on our website in our Charity of the Month page 🙂

Visit our shop and watch as we expand in the upcoming months. New items are added every week 🙂


“Like” us on Facebook–there’s always room for more family 🙂


Many thanks for supporting small businesses and the handmade community 🙂

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