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Valentine’s Day: Make Love, Not War—It’s Hug a Stranger Day :)

a life lived in loveAs you know, today has been declared Valentine’s Day, and people everywhere will be showing their devotion for one another through exchanges of gifts, candy, and cheesy (or even cheeky)  greeting cards.

Yet, though personally I think that Valentine’s Day is a bit of a commercial business, there’s no doubt the day presents a wonderful opportunity for each of us to show our loved ones how much we care. But, let’s not stop (or start) on Valentine’s Day. We should share our love with our friends and family every day of the year.

Teon Galaxy 2013 013When was the last time you told your spouse or significant other how much you love and appreciate them? When was the last time you told them, “I love you”?  As my husband Teon and I approach our 19th anniversary next month (yes, I said 19th, lol) , I think about all of the days when we were super busy with our book business, but we always managed to squeeze in a hug or two during the day. A few minutes a day to share an “I love you” or  just embracing one another, no need for words, is all it takes to keep your relationship strong and free from negative vibes. Trust me on this.

And let’s extend our love to our family members and friends. Maybe you have a friend that you have lost contact with, all the reason to pick up the phone and reconnect.  And while you are on the phone, call your parents and tell them how much you appreciate all they have done for you. Spend some time with your sister, just hanging out doing something silly. Take time to listen to your grandparents’ stories about the past. Buy lunch for a co-worker. Cut the neighbor’s lawn. Stop hitting your baby brother.

compassion india

And let’s not forget the “stranger” on the street. Like many rich celebrities, it is absolutely astounding how many people are walking around lonely and depressed because they really have no one to share their lives with. And what’s worse, we are all so busy hustling and bustling about, we may barely even notice the pain and anguish that some of our brothers and sisters are going through.

Some are homeless. Some are gravely ill. Some are battling addictions. Some have lost their homes to disaster. Think about our elderly brothers and sisters and our veterans who have lost their homes and family, and now sit alone in a nursing home because they were abandoned; spend the day with them, even if its just doing a puzzle or watching a film. Think about the immigrant who has left his family and all he knows to make a better life here in America; reach out to them and see how you can assist them. Think about the cashier at the supermarket, who may be a single mom, or a struggling student trying to pay her way through college. If you’re at the checkout, try to share a smile, offer a thank you, no matter if you get one in return. Hugs and smiles spread like wildfire. I know this from experience 🙂

Beloved, please don’t let another day pass by without sharing your love for others. It will enrich your life, and maybe even SAVE someone’s life. You may not be able to save the whole world, but you can definitely change the dark and depressed spirit of your community.

Remember, love is not a doing, it’s a being. Its everything we think, do, and say. I truly believe in giving people their flowers while they are still on the other side of 6 feet. True?


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