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Charity of the Month: The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund :)



Nelson-Mandela-Childrens-FundYay! Summer is in full swing and the Zoetik Movement is revamping our website, adding new products to our line and looking for more ways to donate to charities all over the world. Every month, we feature a new charity organization here on our blog, our Facebook fan page and our official website 🙂

In celebration of the birth and the extraordinary life of our brother, Mr. Nelson Mandela, our mission for the month of July 2014 is to donate to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Mandela with childrenThis amazing organization works hard to ensure that children across Africa are provided a safe and secure life in a nurturing environment by working to eradicate issues that greatly effect Africa’s youth such as poverty, homelessness, abuse, and exploitation.

For more information about this awesome organization, visit the link below:

Mandela walking with childrenJoin our movement — like us on Facebook 🙂

…And check out our official website for eco-friendly, sustainable products:




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