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Charity of the Month: Manifesto Jamaica

manifesto ja

With the end of summer fast approaching, its that time of the year when youth across the nation are preparing to go back to school or may be heading off to university for the very first time. What better time to consider donating to alternative programs and activities that may compliment and enhance the educational experience of our youth across the globe.

For the month of August, we would like to donate to Manifesto Jamaica. Since 2009, this amazing organization has been working hard to bring about positive change in the community by giving youth a forum to express themselves through  a wide variety of art and cultural activities. Manifesto Jamaica strives to facilitate youth empowerment and development through the performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts, martial arts and more.

manifesto youth

Check out the official Manifesto Jamaica website for more information and upcoming events:

New month, new charity — every  month we feature a new charity or organization working hard to make a difference in their community and around the world. Visit our official website for more info on our mission to “be the change” —-

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