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Charity of the Month: The Liya Kebede Foundation :)


For the past few months, we focused our charitable donations on children and teen charities, and for the month of September, we are continuing our focus on our children by highlighting an organization that is working to ensure that mothers everywhere have a safe and happy childbirth experience 🙂

Liya Kebede Foundation

This month’s charity is the Liya Kebede Foundation, founded by Ethiopian-born supermodel and maternal health advocate, Liya Kebede. This amazing organization strives to reduce the large number of maternal illnesses and newborn deaths across Africa.

Liya with women and baby

According to the Foundation’s website, only half of all women in developing countries receive proper health care services and education during and after childbirth, and Liya’s foundation strives to eradicate this issue through advocacy, education, and safe child delivery initiatives.

Liya with 2 women


Click the link for more information about this amazing organization:

Liya with women

Every month we feature a new charity or organization helping to make the world a better place. Proceeds from the sale of our handmade eco-friendly products are donated to these awesome charities. To learn more about The Zoetik Movement and our products, visit our website:

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