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Charity of the Month: March Forth Kenya Kids

march forth kenya kids

Greetings 🙂

For the month of November, we would like to donate to an amazing organization called March Forth Kenya Kids, which aims to enrich the lives of impoverished youth across Kenya through music, the arts, and education. The non-profit organization offers wonderful programs in which these beautiful children are taught an array of valuable skills such as jewelry making, painting and knitting, and are given opportunities to learn drumming and percussion and expand their world through photography, poetry and spoken word. These programs were created to give these youth an outlet for dealing with poverty and dire conditions in their community, and may deter them from a negative future.

march forth boys drumming

Our brothers and sisters at March Forth Kenya Kids are currently in need of supplies in order to continue in their good works. They are in need of drums and percussive instruments, painting supplies, jewelry making supplies, and more. We would love to contribute to their efforts and we would love for you to join us 🙂

March forth digging soil

Proceeds from the sale of our merchandise will go to March Forth Kenya Kids this month. Visit our website for more info on our eco-friendly products and more:

For more information about March Forth Kenya Kids, click the link below:

Each month we strive to assist a different charity or organization making a difference in the world. If you know of an amazing charity or organization in your community, please let us know and we will try our best to spread the word 🙂

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