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Newness! ~~ Ankara, Stones & Gems


Now that the new year is in full swing, we are looking to expand our collection of eco-friendly merchandise to include a whole new line of colorful and sustainable products.

Handmade Ankara Earrings :)

In the coming months, we will have tons of organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo products along with a brand new collection of African Ankara products made from remnants left over from our previous projects and from our personal collection of rare and discontinued fabric. Some of these items will include fabric button earrings, tote bags, pillows, men’s cuff links, tie clips and travel bags.




We will also expand our popular collection of beaded stretch stack-able bracelets. We create these beautiful bracelets from natural rock, stones, and semi-precious gems from the earth. We love acquiring these materials from Mama Africa and majestic India, reflecting our mixed cultural heritage. Botswana Agate, Indian Agate, Ethiopian Opal, are just some of the beautiful materials that you will see in our collection this spring 🙂

As we shared in previous posts, we are continuing to work on making our own charity organization official. We are currently in the process of making connections with brothers and sisters in our community with experience in creating and operating a charity organization. It is our hope we will have all the paperwork and bells and whistles in place by the end of the year so that we may be in a better position to help those in need.

Also, we are gearing up for numerous Craft and Art Fairs across the Eastern seaboard, with shows in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and New York. We will post more info about these exciting events in the next few weeks. We are so excited to finally meet everyone that has blessed our journey thus far. We could not do what we do without the generous support, love and guidance from all of our loyal friends and fans.

Be sure to check out whats new on our website at:


And, we are always adding new items to our artisan site on Etsy:


Looking forward to another beautiful, productive year!


Peggy Olivia


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