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Charity of the Month: Girls Gotta Run!


Yes, it has been a while since I posted on our blog due to a very looong semester at university. Now that spring semester is over, I am back to sharing information about some of the amazing charities we encounter that are really helping to make a difference.

girls gotta run

This month, we would like to donate to the Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF), an amazing organization that provides support for young impoverished girls in Ethiopia who aspire to become professional runners. As an avid marathon runner, I was really excited when I learned about GGRF and their mission to provide these beautiful girls with coaching, running shoes, training, food, and other programs and materials to ensure their success as athletes and leaders in their communities.

girls gotta run yayavillage

With the help of local and international organizations, GGRF  is enabling young girls to achieve their educational, athletic, and individual goals by providing training, scholarships, and mentor ship programs.

The wonderful staff at Girls Gotta Run!

The wonderful staff at Girls Gotta Run!

This month, proceeds from the sale of our eco-friendly products from our official website, and our Etsy artisan shop ( will be donated to Girls Gotta Run in hopes of helping our young sisters in Ethiopia achieve their dreams.

girls gotta run Strong-Girls

To learn more about this wonderful organization, click the link below:

To learn more about the Zoetik Movement and our mission, please visit our official website:

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