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Dolls For a Cause: Beautiful Dolls for Children in Need


We love to spread the word about the good works of our unheralded brothers and sisters around the world striving to make a difference in their community. Yesterday, I learned about a new mission being launched by my fellow artisan sister La’Tanya Alexander, fittingly called Dolls for a Cause. La’Tanya creates beautiful crocheted dolls and teddy bears for sick children, whether they are suffering from illness or disease, or struggling with life’s challenges.

Latanya Alexander Doll 2

For every special child, La’Tanya customizes each doll, creating different skin colors, clothing, and specific details like glasses and more. She creates these beautiful dolls in exchange for more yarn simply to be able to continue to brighten the lives of children everywhere–this is truly a labor of love!

Please contact sister La’Tanya Alexander via email at for more information or to order one of these dolls for that special child in your life.

Let’s continue to uplift and support our visionaries and attend to our brothers and sisters in need near and far 🙂


Peggy Olivia ❤


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