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More than a Musician: Bob Marley

If you ask my closest family and friends, they would probably tell you that I am one of the biggest Bob Marley fans you will ever meet. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been listening to his songs, and amassing a collection of his rare albums, magazines and newspaper clippings. Needless to say, this man from a little village in Nine Mile, Jamaica has had a huge impact on my own music, poetry, and strengthened my connection to my Caribbean roots, and shaped my understanding of my African identity, history and heritage. Many moons ago, my dad was a Caribbean DJ and I learned a lot about many different genres of music from him. As a teen, I spent most of my weekends sitting on the floor next to our stereo and listening to my dad play album after album. From Calypso to Chutney, jazz to blues, even country music. But it was Roots Reggae that I was drawn to the most. It symbolized much of my spiritual and cultural understanding, and mirrored my …